Are you moving to a new address or planning a long vacation away from home? If so, you may be concerned about missing important mail during your absence. Fortunately, Australia Post provides a mail redirection service that can help ensure your mail is delivered to your new or temporary address.

In this article, we will explore Australia Post’s mail redirection service in detail, including its pricing, application process, and tips for using the service effectively. We’ll also discuss the importance of mail redirection and how it can help protect you from identity theft or fraud. So, if you’re considering mail redirection, read on to learn everything you need to know about this convenient service.

What Is Mail Redirection

Mail redirection is a service provided by postal agencies that allows individuals to have their mail forwarded from one address to another. This service is particularly useful when people move to a new location or are away from their usual address for an extended period. By redirecting their mail, individuals can ensure that they receive important correspondence even if they are not physically present at their usual address. Mail redirection can also help prevent identity theft or fraud by ensuring that sensitive mail does not fall into the wrong hands.

Importance Of Mail Redirection

Here are some important reasons why mail redirection can be crucial for individuals:

  1. Ensure Delivery of Important Mail: Mail redirection allows individuals to receive their important correspondence even when they are away from their usual address. This includes letters, bills, and other important documents that may require prompt attention.
  2. Protect Against Identity Theft or Fraud: Redirecting mail can help prevent identity theft or fraud by ensuring that sensitive mail does not fall into the wrong hands. This is especially important when individuals move or are away from their usual address for an extended period.
  3. Convenience: Mail redirection eliminates the need for individuals to update their address with each organization they deal with, saving time and effort.
  4. Privacy: Mail redirection can help maintain privacy by preventing individuals from having to share their new address with multiple organizations.
  5. Avoidance of Disruption: By redirecting mail, individuals can avoid the inconvenience and potential disruption that may be caused by missed or delayed mail, such as unpaid bills or missed appointments.

Overall, mail redirection is an important service that can help individuals stay connected and informed while ensuring the protection of their privacy and security.

How Much Does Mail Redirection Cost In Australia

Length of TimeRedirect Mail NationallyRedirect Mail InternationallyRedirect Mail Nationally + Concession CardRedirect Mail Internationally + Concession Card
Up to 1 month$33$66$19.80$39.60
Up to 3 months$66$132$39.60$79.20
Up to 6 months$99$198$59.40$118.80
Up to 12 months$165$330$99$198

When calculating the cost of moving home, most people forget the cost to redirect their mail. However, prices to redirect mail through AusPost start at $19.80 for concession card holders and can cost up to $330 for 12 months of international redirection.

Types of Australia Post Redirect Mail


It is one of the most popular mail redirection services for forwarding personal mail items, like bills, letters, parcels, etc. However, you must select this option only when you or other listed applicants don’t run a business from home. Also, do not select this service if you have a concession card (because there are other plans for these situations). 

You only need to produce a government-authorised proof of identity while applying for this plan. 

Here are the rates:

Redirecting mail to:One monthThree monthsSix monthsOne year


This forward mail service is apt when you have a valid concession card or someone else in your application does. It helps you get discounted rates on all plans. You only need to provide proof of identity and the concession card with the application. 

You can apply for redirecting mail at the Post Office or online on the postal service’s website if you have a:

  • Healthcare Card of any type. 
  • Commonwealth Seniors Health Card. 
  • Pensioner Concession Card. 

Apply at a nearby Post Office if you have a:

  • MyPost Concession Card.
  • Veterans Repatriation Health Card.
  • Norfolk Island Social Services Card.
  • Department of Veterans Affairs Card.

The rates begin at only $20.40, almost $14 less than the Personal mail forwarding service.

Redirecting mail to:One monthThree monthsSix monthsOne year

Home Office

The Home Office Postal Redirection service helps you bundle your mail with items for your trust, Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF), or home business. 

For example, suppose you want to start an online t-shirt selling business from home. You can use this service to receive mail pieces addressed to your office (which is also your residence) address. 

You cannot apply for this Australia Post forwarding mail service online and must visit the Post Office. Remember to carry a proof of identity showing your address with any of the following documents:

  • A tax or business certificate statement for a home office. 
  • A trust statement with your mailing address for an individual or company trust. 
  • An SMSF report with your residential delivery address for SMSFs. 

Below, we have listed the mail redirection cost for the Home Office service:

Redirecting mail to:One monthThree monthsSix monthsOne year


The Business redirection of the mail plan works differently from the others because it has several sub-services (and is expensive). This service is an excellent option for businesses moving to a new location temporarily. It enables them to receive mail items, like returned stocks, cheques, customer inquiries, supplier statements, etc. 

So, how to use redirection mail for business addresses:

  • You can apply for one, three, six, or twelve months like the other services
  • Businesses can add up to six names, including their employees, partners, trading names, etc. 
  • Pay for the plan you select using Visa or Mastercard
  • Extend, change, or cancel your service as needed
  • The Post Office sends you an email on receiving your mail redirect application, and the processing time is usually three business days. Also, you get a confirmation email with the tax invoice once Australia Post accepts your application
  • Your service starts on the date of your application acceptance up to the time specified

Here is the cost of mail redirection for commercial addresses:

Redirecting mail to:One monthThree monthsSix monthsOne year

Now, let us discuss the types of Business forwarding services:

  • Company: Select this plan online or at the Post Office if you have a Certificate of Registration or ABN. You must produce relevant business documents and proper identification for availing of this Auspost redirect mail option.
  • Association or club: If you run a club, community group, charity, not-for-profit (NFP) firm, or association, apply for this mail redirection service at the Post Office. Carry your ID proof, supporting documents, and a completed application form. 
  • Sole traders and partnerships: Home business owners who may or may not share a hub or office space and partnership firms can apply at the Post Office with an ID proof and application form. Sole traders may provide the Certificate of Registration if they have one. 
  • Government body: Apply at the Post Office with ID proof, application form, and relevant documents to redirect mail for government agencies, schools, or similar institutions. If you have a Certificate of Registration, apply online under the Company option.

How to Apply for Mail Redirection with Australia Post

Here’s an explanation of how to apply for mail redirection with Australia Post:

  1. Online Application: Customers can apply for mail redirection online by visiting the Australia Post website. They will need to create an account and provide information such as their current address, the address they want their mail redirected to, and the period for which they want the redirection to occur. They will also need to pay the required fees online using a credit or debit card.
  2. In-Person Application: Customers can also apply for mail redirection in person at their local Australia Post office. They will need to provide the same information as for the online application process, including proof of identity and proof of their current and new addresses. They can also pay the required fees at the post office using cash, EFTPOS, or credit card.
  3. Required Documentation: Customers will need to provide identification documents such as a driver’s license, passport, or Medicare card, as well as proof of their current and new addresses. They may also need to provide additional documents if they are applying for a business or corporate mail redirection service.
  4. Processing Time: The processing time for mail redirection applications varies depending on the type of service selected and the method of application. However, customers can expect to receive a confirmation of their application within five business days.

It’s important to note that the application process and required documentation may vary based on the type of mail redirection service chosen. Customers should carefully review the application requirements and fees for their chosen service before applying.

Tips for Using Australia Post’s Mail Redirection Service

Here are some tips for using Australia Post’s mail redirection service effectively:

  1. Update your address with important organisations: While mail redirection ensures that you receive your important correspondence, it is important to update your address with important organisations such as banks, government agencies and utility companies. This helps ensure that you receive important correspondence at your new address and avoid missed payments or deadlines.
  2. Choose the right mail redirection option: Consider your needs and budget when choosing the right mail redirection option. Make sure to factor in the cost and features of each option, as well as any additional fees that may apply.
  3. Keep track of when mail redirection ends: It is important to keep track of when your mail redirection ends and ensure that you update your address with important organisations before the redirection ends. This helps ensure that you continue to receive important correspondence at your new address.
  4. Opt-out of mail redirection when it is no longer needed: To avoid paying for a service that you no longer require, make sure to opt-out of mail redirection when it is no longer needed. This helps ensure that you avoid paying for unnecessary fees and charges.

By following these tips, you can make the most of Australia Post’s mail redirection service and ensure that you receive your important mail promptly and efficiently.

How Can You Prove Your Identity to Apply for Mail Redirection Australia Post?

To apply for mail redirection with Australia Post, you will need to prove your identity using acceptable forms of identification. Here are some common forms of identification that are accepted by Australia Post:

  1. Driver’s License: A current driver’s license issued by an Australian state or territory is a valid form of identification for mail redirection.
  2. Passport: A current Australian passport is also an acceptable form of identification for mail redirection.
  3. Medicare Card: A current Medicare card with your name and photo is another acceptable form of identification for mail redirection.
  4. Proof of Age Card: A current proof of age card issued by an Australian state or territory is also acceptable for mail redirection.
  5. Australian Citizenship Certificate: If you are an Australian citizen and do not have any of the above identification documents, you can provide a current Australian citizenship certificate as proof of identity.

It’s important to note that each applicant for mail redirection must provide their own identification documents. If you are applying for a business or corporate mail redirection service, additional documentation may be required. For more information on acceptable forms of identification and application requirements, you can visit the Australia Post website or contact your local Australia Post office.


Can I redirect mail from an international address?

No, you cannot request mail rerouting from a foreign address. The mail item must come from Australia and can be rerouted anywhere, not the other way around.

Several mail kinds, such as Express Post, Parcel Post, Registered Post, and others needing customs certification, cannot be forwarded to overseas addresses.

Does Australia Post send an address change notification to all organisations after receiving your request?

No, the Post Office only alerts a limited number of providers, including banks and government agencies. Also, while requesting personal or concession mail redirection services, you must choose to use this option.

The suppliers can occasionally need more information and get in touch with you directly. You must let your provider know about your request for an Auspost mail redirection if they are not on the list.

Can I modify my forward mail address with Australia Post?

Filling out the Cancel or Modify form will allow you to change your forwarding address. You might frequently have to go to the Post Office to pay the necessary cancellation charge. You can then reapply.

On the other hand, fixing an address error is less complicated. Upon receiving your request for an Australia Post mail redirect, the Post Office will send you a confirmation letter that will allow you to review and report any mistakes.

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