If you want to send something important in Australia, you may be considering using Express Post. After all, it’s the quickest and most reliable way to get your item delivered quickly and efficiently. But how much does Express Post cost?

In this blog post, we will discuss the pricing of Express Post in Australia and how it is determined. We will also look at other delivery options that may be more cost-effective for you depending on what needs to be sent.

Read on to learn more about the express post in Australia and your available delivery options!

What is Express Post?

If you need your letter or parcel to arrive the next day, Express Post is the fastest option. It’s also our most popular service for sending time-sensitive items like photographs and documents.

Express Post is a premium postal service offered by Australia Post. For an additional fee, Express Post guarantees next-day delivery of letters and parcels within the Express Post network.

Items sent with Express Post are prioritised during sorting and delivery, making it our fastest postal service. If your item is addressed correctly and posted within the Express Post booking times for your area, we guarantee next-day delivery.*

To check if your item can be sent with Express Post, and for details on booking times and prices, visit our website or speak to one of our friendly staff at a post office.

How Much Does Express Post Cost in Australia?

The cost of Express Post in Australia varies depending on several factors, such as the size and weight of your item, the destination, and whether you are sending a standard or signature-required Express Post item.

In September 2022, the cost of sending a standard Express Post envelope (up to 500g) within Australia starts from AUD 3.70. For larger items or items weighing more than 500g, the cost will be higher.

It is best to check the current prices and services on the Australia Post website, as prices may change over time. You can also calculate the cost of sending your item using the Express Post cost calculator on the Australia Post website.

Where Can I Get Express Post?

If you’re looking to get Express Post, there are a few different places you can go. The first option is to head to your local post office. Here, you’ll be able to purchase Express Post labels and have your items sent off via the Express Post network.

Another option is to buy Express Post labels online. You can do this through the Australia Post website or through an authorized reseller such as Click & Send. Once you’ve bought your labels, affix them to your items and drop them off at any red Express Post box.

Finally, some businesses offer an Express Post service where they’ll send your items for you. This can be convenient if you don’t have time to go to the post office or drop off your items at a red box. To find out if a business offers this service, simply give them a call or check their website.

What Are the Benefits of Express Post?

The benefits of Express Post are numerous. Here are some them:

  1. Speed: Express Post is a fast delivery service, with most items delivered within 1-2 business days within Australia.
  2. Reliability: Express Post is a reliable delivery service with a high level of delivery success.
  3. Convenience: Express Post allows you to send items quickly and easily, without having to visit a post office. You can send items from your home or office using the Express Post prepaid satchels or by booking a pick-up.
  4. Tracking: Express Post items can be tracked online, allowing you to keep track of your item’s delivery progress.
  5. Flexibility: Express Post offers a range of delivery options, including standard delivery and signature-required delivery, allowing you to choose the best option for your needs.
  6. Affordability: Express Post is a cost-effective delivery service, with prices that are competitive with other express delivery services.
  7. Insurance: Express Post items are automatically insured up to a value of AUD 100, providing peace of mind in case of loss or damage during delivery.
  8. Accessibility: Express Post is available at thousands of locations throughout Australia, including post offices, Australia Post retail outlets, and authorized agents, making it accessible to a wide range of customers.

How to Use Express Post In Australia

If you’re looking to send something quickly and efficiently within Australia, Express Post is the way to go. Here’s a quick guide on how to use it:

  1. Choose the right Express Post product: Decide which Express Post product is right for your needs, such as a standard Express Post envelope or a prepaid satchel.
  2. Pack your item: Make sure your item is properly packaged and meets the size and weight restrictions for Express Post.
  3. Calculate Postage: Calculate the cost of postage using the Australia Post postage calculator or by referring to the Express Post pricing information available on the Australia Post website.
  4. Apply postage: Apply the correct postage to your item, either by purchasing Express Post stamps or by using a prepaid Express Post satchel.
  5. Drop off your item: Drop off your item at an Australia Post retail outlet or authorized agent, or arrange for a pick-up by booking online or by calling Australia Post.
  6. Track your item: You can track your Express Post item online using the Australia Post tracking tool, allowing you to keep track of its delivery progress.
  7. Receive delivery: Your Express Post item will be delivered within 1-2 business days within Australia. In case of signature-required delivery, the recipient will need to sign for the item upon delivery.

Note: The steps and requirements for using Express Post may change, so it is always best to check the latest information on the Australia Post website.


 In conclusion, the cost of Express Post in Australia varies depending on several factors, including the size and weight of your item, the destination, and the type of Express Post service you choose.

Express Post offers a range of delivery options, making it a convenient, reliable, and cost-effective delivery service. By using the Australia Post postage calculator or referring to the Express Post pricing information, you can easily calculate the cost of postage and take advantage of this fast and efficient delivery service.

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